Application Development

We offer a full cycle of application development, from defining and working in close collaboration with the customer on the specification to development, testing and writing documentation, including user’s manuals and help guides. We develop applications for a wide range of business needs, including Cloud Computing and Cloud Services as well as a complete range of mobile application. With our own coding library combined with our technical professions, we can deliver our services and projects on time and on budget.

API Integration

We specializes in tools integration with different APIs / Web Services. For surety and insurance related - like Premium Finance, CSLB data feeding, e-Signature, PDF on the fly, and etc. For common business usage like Authorize.Net, Salesforce, Google Map, and many more. We can help you build a custom solution and allow you to leverage cloud services. As part of our service, we can pull together all of the most innovative technologies and help you to navigate all of the technical jargon to get you the right solution.

Technology Consulting Services

With SolutionOnce Technology Consulting, you get access to balanced and objective advisory, assessment, planning, architecture, design, development, implementation and deployment services that enable our clients to solve their pressing business challenges. More importantly, you have access to proven solutions and consulting help to work on the details of your transformation.