Our dedicated and experienced software professionals have been working many years of experience developing and managing state-of-the-art software solutions for clients around the globe. Team members are proud of their work and are fully empowered to take initiative by proactively suggesting improvements for our software solutions whenever possible. And all our teams are led by experienced project managers who know how to allocate resources to get the job done right.

has expertise in (but not limited to) the following technologies:



When was first founded, the company focused almost exclusively on the .NET platform. We made significant investments of our R&D resources in custom .NET development. This concentration consistently allowed us to deliver the benefits of the platform’s most advanced technologies and features to our customers.

's talented professionals have experience and expert skills in C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, ASP.NET, MVC, LINQ programming, WPF development and a wide range of .NET testing, profiling and code analysis tools. We draw on this knowledge and experience to give our clients the best user experience based on cost-effective, clearly coded and optimized solutions.



's PHP web development services are the perfect way to strike a balance between low-cost and high-performance web applications and websites. Our dedicated team of PHP development experts builds extraordinary applications that help our clients achieve maximal success through their online presence. Proven software engineering principles underlie all our design and development practices. This allows us to develop reliable solutions that are scalable and easy to maintain. In particular, the use of object-oriented PHP development practices and a multi-threaded environment allows us to develop efficient applications.

Adobe Livecycle ES

Adobe Livecycle

For those customers who have smelt the inevitable change in the air, non-interactive forms would undoubtedly appear passe. They would like to have online, interactive and dynamic Adobe PDF documents made even better due to intuitive user experiences, enhance their efficiencies through business process automation and improve their customer service through personalized communications management. Adobe Livecycle ES2 is the solution for those seeking this change. We at Mindfire Solutions would be more than happy to bring about this change for you through our efficient, dedicated and capable Adobe Livecycle developers. Hire our Livecycle developers at offshore rates and enjoy the benefits.

Apart from having hands on experience by working on and successfully completing more than 10 projects in the past 3 years on Adobe LiveCycle ES Specialist Services. We have a dedicated team of Adobe LiveCycle developers having expertise and proven track record in technologies like Adobe, Microsoft® Windows Server®, Sun™ Solaris™ SPARC®, Red Hat®, IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL etc. Adobe LiveCycle is highly customizable to aptly answer your specific requirements.


Salesforce can tremendously improve workforce productivity and customer satisfaction. However, implementing Salesforce properly can be complex, time-consuming, and expensive for an organization without prior experience. With our many years of experience, we deliver quality Salesforce Consulting services quickly and cost-effectively, at minimal risk to our clients.

Sales and Service Cloud Setup

We will setup, configure and customize Salesforce to support your business needs. Email templates, workflows and approval processes will be created for business process automation. We will create highly effective custom reports and dashboards to give you better insight into your business.

Custom Development

Often, custom development is required to realize the full potential of Salesforce. We have years of experience developing custom features for standard Salesforce applications

Data Migration

We offer data migration services that include data extraction, cleansing, de-duplication, standardization and validation, and import into Salesforce.


We will help you integrate Salesforce with your other business critical systems such ERP applications, financial software, marketing automation software, call center software and more.