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Laboratory Basics Setup

Developing a reference Laboratory can be an overwhelming experience. Determining the scope of available testing that can meet the needs of the community is one of the most important steps in the origin of your reference laboratory. The test volume estimation can aid in making other important decisions such as analyzer selection, staffing volume and/or level of knowledge and LIS selection. Selecting the appropriate instrumentation is crucial in maintaining a healthy ratio between profit and cost. Choosing staff members that possess the level of knowledge and education that is beneficial to your laboratory should be partially based on the complexity of testing and instrumentation available.

Our staffs in Southern Los Angeles area has rich experience, business networks, and etc, and we can help you analyze the needs to determine what would be the best fit for your business. Our IT team in Southern Los Angeles area has been serving to many different doctor groups, HMO plan companies. And our reference list is too long to list here. Please contact us for more information.

Compliance Made Simple and Easy

Reference laboratories operate in a constantly changing environment. Rules, regulations, and laws that laboratories must follow, drive much of that change. Today’s laboratory managers and directors must spend significant time and effort ensuring that their laboratory remains compliant. We are positioned to help. Our team of consultants are experts in the field of Clinical Laboratory Science, are employed with well know clinical laboratories, and have a record of accomplishment for developing some of the most successful clinical laboratories in the country. These experts are active contributors in the field, are highly published, and have helped established industry wide standards in CLIA and CAP Molecular Diagnostics regulations.

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Fixed price jobs are best when you have a well-defined scope and structure for the work. After an estimate of your technical specification we can agree upon a fixed price at the start of the job based on the requirements and scope of what needs to get done. As part of the work plan we set up specific milestones so that you and we will have appropriate checkpoints. As the job progresses, you and Svitla Systems can update the milestones and scope at any time.

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